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The Tampere Support Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities


The Tampere Support Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities was founded in 1961.

The mission of Association is, within its own functional area, to provide support for its members, protect and develop the social equality and rights of the intellectually disabled and their families, and act to promote its members’ quality of life.

Persons with intellectual disabilities have the right to be born and live a valued life, the right to have sufficient and high-quality rehabilitation services and the right to life-long learning and an independent life. They are also entitled to meaningful work and day activity as well as individually supported housing. They have the right to culture and the right to age with dignity.

The major part of our activities is financed by an allowance, provided by the City of Tampere.

The associations provides large-scale services for the families, professionals and students. Association organise family meetings and help families to find information and other persons in the same situation as well as to receive help in the service system.

We are organising leisure activities: camps (11 in summertime), weekend camps (30 camps in a year), hobby courses (16 courses in a year), family camp, cruises and other leisure-related matters. Our association organises various parties and happenings for its members each year. Every other Saturday there is a disco for the intellectually disabled. At one disco event, there are about 100-120 dancers. We also travel as a group of members every year to some holiday destination such as Spain, Turkey or Greece. During a year, we organise several trips, cruises and happenings.

We are networking with several other organisations to better promote the social equality of people with disabilities and special needs in Tampere. Our association has acted as the initiator for many functions that over the years have become a part of societal services. Today, we are the largest local support association in Finland, with about 768 members. Our members comprise people with intellectual disabilities and special needs, their friends and relatives, professionals, students and sponsor members.

Our office is located at Onkiniemenkatu 3 D 33, with our own club premises close by, at Onkiniemenkatu 5. The camps take place at a camping site Kuuslahti in Teisko, by the lake of Näsijärvi.

A board, chosen in the annual general meeting each autumn, manages our association.

As hired employees, there is an executive director and a director of activities.  

During a year Association have 60-80 part-time-working employees in camps and hobby courses.


Contact information

The Tampere Support Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Onkiniemenkatu 3 D 33
FI-33230 Tampere

Tel. +358 3 2140 226 (office number)

E-mail:     Päivi Kaltio, Executive Director,

                Johanna Kantanen, Director of Activities,


Inclusion Finland KVTL


The Tampere Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities is one of the local Associations of the Inclusion Finland KVTL (before known by name "The Finnish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities"). In order to implement its basic tasks, gathers and distributes information, tests and develops, trains its members and speaks on their behalf in various networks and cooperation structures. Inclusion Finland KVTL also has a significant role as an influence on society. Much work remains to be done, for example in regard to changing people’s attitudes.

Contact information
Inclusion Finland KVTL
Pinninkatu 51
FI-33100 Tampere

Tel. +358 207 718 200
Website: and in English